Water Intrusion Inspection

Most leaks in homes go undetected and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. When it comes to your home, water intrusion is one of the most common, costly, and destructive things that can happen. Mold can start growing within 24-48 hours of a leak showing up and can cost between $5,000-15,000 to repair! If you suspect you may have a leak of any sort, make sure to get a licensed water damage inspector like Hound Dog out to your home to tell you exactly what you are dealing with!

What is a Water Intrusion Inspection?

A water intrusion inspection is an inspection on your home to identify the presence of any leaks as well as their source and severity. We do this by sending a licensed home inspector to your home to inspect the house for visible signs of water intrusion, as well as scanning the house with a thermal camera, testing the walls with moisture probes, and taking thermal photographs of the leak to include in the report.

Do I need a Water damage inspection?

If you have discovered any of the telltale signs of a leak listed below, then yes, you absolutely should order a water intrusion inspection as soon as possible. If you have not found signs of a leak, that doesn’t mean you dont have one. Unless you are able to inspect your house with a thermal camera, you can never be sure. Our leak detection inspectors are trained extensively and can often identify the features on the house that could cause water damage leak to occur long before they ever do.

Why should a home inspector be your first call after discovering a leak?

Whereas a roofer’s job is to sell roofs, and a mold expert’s job is to sell expensive mold testing and remediation services, a home inspector’s job is to deliver unbiased, expert opinions on the state of your home. Having a home inspector look into the problem will ensure that you have a clear idea of what is going on with your house and what steps you should take next and what kind of contractor you need to call. In addition, mold grows very fast and while we are not mold assessors, our experienced water damage inspectors do have the equipment to gather air quality samples for lab testing if there is a reason to believe mold may be present.

Signs you may have a leak

Most leaks are hard to spot without thermal imaging cameras (which we always keep handy), but some obvious signs that may show you have water intrusion are:

  1. Water spots on ceiling or walls
  2. Wet carpets
  3. Musty smell
  4. Swelling, cupping, or gaps in your hardwood floors
  5. Cracks or changes in exterior stucco
  6. There are many more signs, too many to list. If you suspect you may have a leak, make sure to call us ASAP.

All Inspection reports are delivered electronically. For every inspection Hound Dog Home Inspections delivers, We donate a portion of our profits to the SPCA to help feed the pets who are waiting to find a home.

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