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Stray no longer: Help these 7 pets find homes

On Monday, we visited the SPCA in Titusville and sponsored the adoption fees for 6 dogs and a kitten. As a result, all 7 of these animals are now FREE and looking for homes. Most the pets at the SPCA were rescued from being euthanized at a kill-shelter, and thanks to them, they now have a second chance to live long, happy lives with loving families. If you have any interest in either adopting or being a foster family for these pets, please call the SPCA at 321-567-3615. Even if you are not able to take these pets into your own home, please share the link or forward it to anyone you know who might be able to provide a home for our furry friends. Thank you.

This is Lady. She is 10 years old and was turned in as a stray to Taylor County Animal Control, and was rescued by the SPCA a while back. Her family that lost her happened to see her on the SPCA website and came and picked her up, however the family lived on a large plot of land with no fences and Lady eventually wandered off again. Lady wound up at a kill shelter and the family wound up deciding they no longer want her. Now she is back at the SPCA (along with a friend she made on her adventures) eagerly waiting for a new family to take her into their home. She is friendly with people and other dogs, however she has not been cat-tested.

This is Buster. He is an 11 month old puppy who was given to the SPCA by Best Friends Dog Rescue. He was previously adopted but was brought back due to personal reasons with his family (nothing to do with him). He is the closest thing the SPCA currently has to a labrador. He is incredibly friendly and pretty strong for a puppy if I say so myself.

This is Dawn. She is about 7 years old and the SPCA pulled her from Palm Beach County. She has only been at the SPCA for 10 days. She is good with other dogs but prefers to be alone. Her tail didn't stop wagging the entire time I met her.

This is Booker. He is a little over 7 years old. He came to the SPCA when they traveled up to Sumter County, NC in the middle of the night to rescue 20 dogs from euthanasia. He is good with female dogs and kids. He currently has heart-worms but will be receiving medication for it. Despite his intense facial features, he is actually incredibly friendly and energetic.

This is Princess. She is 11 years old and has arthritis. She got returned for biting but the SPCA determined it was because she was in pain from her arthritis and being played with a bit too rough. Now that she is on pain meds, she has been doing a whole lot better. She has had no problems in her foster home, she just needs to be treated a bit gingerly. She is housebroken but prefers to be the only animal in the house.

This is Sooty. She came to the SPCA as a stray and actually has an adoption lined up but is waiting to be cleared to go home because she currently has kennel cough. She is 9 months old and has been at the SPCA since June 10.

Last but not least, Oliver. He is a kitten that was rescued in a 40 kitten shipment (that's right, the SPCA has a ton of kittens right now) from Levy County Animal Services. He is incredibly easy to handle and started purring the second I picked him up.

Again, if you have room in your homes and would like a furry companion, these animals are all paid for and looking for a home. Please share this link in hopes of finding them a good family.

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