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Stray no longer: Help Teddy find a home

Me and my son, Brantley, at the SPCA with Teddy

Teddy was found as a stray in Palm Beach County last week, and when the Brevard SPCA got his picture, they knew they had to help him.

“One of our employees drove down to West Palm on her day off and picked him up,” said Veronica Vera, Director of Operations SPCA Brevard

He arrived at the SPCA on Friday and started his treatment on Monday. Teddy is suffering from Kennel Cough and Mange. He has to receive medicated baths every 2-3 days. He is taking antibiotics for the cough and steroids to help with the inflammation from mange. He is facing about a 2-3 month recovery from the Mange, according to Susan Naylor, public relations coordinator for the SPCA.

Teddy is incredibly sweet, friendly and has gotten along well with the other dogs he has met so far.

By coincidence, Me and my son were coming into the SPCA on Tuesday to discuss donating a share of my company profits to the SPCA with every home inspection we do. We met Teddy on a tour of the shelter and decided to make their first donation on the spot. We planned on starting the program in the future but once we met Teddy and saw how badly he needed the help, we knew we couldn’t wait. We donated 250 dollars to Teddy’s recovery and hope to be able to make even bigger donations every month from here on out.

Mange is associated with poor nutrition and neglect. Teddy will be getting all the medical care he needs, as well as higher quality food to help him on his path to recovery.

“He will definitely be looking for a foster home, so if somebody wants to foster him while he is healing and potentially adopt him once he’s healed, or see him off to his own life once he has healed, we are definitely looking for that,” said Susan Naylor, PR coordinator for the SPCA.

If you would like to foster Teddy, please contact the SPCA at 321-567-3615. If you don’t have room to take Teddy into your home, but want to help out in some way, the SPCA currently has 31 heartworm-positive dogs to treat and are in need of donations. Each one of these dogs costs the SPCA $500, and that is with their discounted treatment rate.

Here at Hound Dog Home Inspections, we have been in business for over 3 years in Brevard, have done over 1,100 inspections and have been doing as much as they can to help the community recently. This includes starting monthly donations to the SPCA, as well as starting up a Facebook group available to all homeowners (Ask the Inspector, Brevard) where if anyone discovers a problem with their home (like a stucco crack, leak, or spot on the ceiling), they can snap a picture, post it in the group, and get an expert opinion on the issue within 24 hours. This page was made to help the community deal with problems in their home without having to call a contractor the second a problem shows up. We will also be sharing plenty of helpful tips for homeowners to use to prevent damage and save money when navigating the pitfalls of home ownership.

Please share this post and help us spread the word and find Teddy a home!

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