Investor Walkthroughs

Investing in properties is a risky job in which your most valuable asset is time. Most property investors have gone through the entire home buying process, sometimes eating up weeks of their time, just to have the entire deal go down the drain when the final home inspection reveals a problem that is too expensive to fix while still making a profit. That is where we come in. Save your time and money by hiring our real estate investor home inspectors to walk through the home with you and point out all the potential money pits and issues. Just like hiring a mechanic to come with you to look at a car you are thinking about buying, having a home inspector on your side when evaluating a home will save you thousands of dollars and countless hours on down the road.

Save yourself time and money and put Hound Dog of Real Estate Investor Home Inspections team on speed dial when evaluating potential investments! 321-626-8959

For every walkthrough our real estate investment inspector’s perform, we donate a portion of our profits to the SPCA to help feed the pets who are waiting to find a home.

Hound Dog Home Inspection