General Concern Inspection

There are three things that are certain in life: death, taxes, and the fact that homes will develop problems. Every year, homeowners across the nation spend millions of dollars on tests, services, and repairs that they never needed in the first place. Hound Dog Home offers the areas around FL general home inspections to make sure that you treat any problem with your home the right way.

What is a General Concern Inspection?

Exactly what it sounds like. If you have a concern about your home, we send a licensed home inspector out to your house to investigate it and tell you what the problem is and exactly what you should do to fix it. We began providing Florida with general concern home Inspections to give homeowners unbiased, expert opinions that often save homeowners time, effort, and thousands of dollars.

Why shouldn’t I just call “the guy” about my problem? He offers free quotes, after all

As a homeowner, you should trust free quotes about as much as used car salesmen. A roofer’s job is to sell roofs, a stucco expert’s job is to sell stucco. They make a commission if they sell you a product, regardless of if you actually need it. It is exceedingly rare that they will come out and tell you that your problem is nothing to worry about.

Calling a licensed general home inspector like Hound Dog is the easiest way to get an unbiased, expert opinion on anything concerning your home. Our job is to inspect and deliver a detailed report on exactly what you are dealing with. We aim to advise you on the most appropriate way to deal with whatever problem you may be facing and what steps you should take going forward.

When should I call Hound Dog?

We always advise calling a home inspector as soon as a problem emerges in your home. some problems progress fast and get worse very quickly. some common area repair detection services we look into are:

  • Concerning spots on ceiling, carpet, or walls.
  • Concerns about roof leaks
  • Concerning cracks in exterior walls of the home
  • Concerns with doors, windows, or other openings of the home,
  • Changes or cracks in flooring
  • Water pooling around home, close to the foundation

If you have any concerns about your home that aren’t listed above, call 321-626-8959 to see if a General Concern Inspection is right for you.

All Inspection reports are delivered electronically via email. For every inspection Hound Dog Home Inspections delivers, we donate a portion of our profits to the SPCA to help feed the pets who are waiting to find a home.

Hound Dog Home Inspection