4-Point Home Insurance Inspection

A 4-point inspection is typically only required on homes 30 years or older and on manufactured homes 25 years or older. 4-point inspections are an insurance document looking for specific defects on the home with regard to its aging systems.

Our experts here in Florida offer Four Point Inspections for home insurance that consists of a visual survey of the following four primary components:

  1. Roof
  2. Electrical
  3. HVAC (Heat, Ventilation & Air Conditioning)
  4. Plumbing

The insurance companies are expecting the condition of the components listed above to be working as intended within the manufacturer’s specifications. The insurance companies are looking for the four systems to be in generally good working condition and fulfilling their intended function. If the home is an older home the insurance companies want to see that the systems have been updated. In most cases, the forms are provided by the insurance companies to their clients. The clients then ask the inspector to fill the form out during the course of the home inspection.

The criteria used by our 4-point inspection experts to judge the components include:

  1. Current operating conditions
  2. Scheduled maintenance requirements
  3. Expected service life

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